ISI provided inspection and testing services to augment the team on this three-phase project:

New Highland Care Pavilion: The new 3-story Highland Care Pavilion houses campus-wide support functions and outpatient clinic services previously located in the existing Acute Tower. It includes approximately 176 underground parking spaces. This phase of the Project included demolition of the old Clinic (Building V) and Auditorium (VA Building) to enable construction of the new Highland Care Pavilion.

New Acute Tower and Central Utility Plant: The new 9-story, 169 bed Acute Care Tower accommodates inpatient, maternal and child, and support services previously located in the existing Acute Tower (Building H). This phase of the project included demolition of C, D and F Wings and relocation of major campus utilities to allow for construction of the new Acute Care Tower.

Demolition of Building H, Construction of Link and Sitework: The final phase of the Project included demolition of the existing Acute Tower (Building H), construction of the Link Building, and the new courtyard located where the H Building has been demolished.

These new facilities unify the 14-acre campus both functionally and architecturally. So even as the hospital reaches for the future, they’ll harmonize with the past, respecting and complementing the elegant facade that has graced Oakland since 1927.

Another key criterion was uninterrupted, continuous service to the community.

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    2011 – 2016

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    Construction Value

    $431 Million

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    County of Alameda

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