At ISI, safety is both a priority and a key company value, creating a “culture of safety” that goes beyond OSHA compliance to achieve the higher goal of doing what is right for our employees. ISI maintains a stringent Safety Policy. The safety of each of our employees is of paramount importance to us. We consider every accident preventable. Illness and injury prevention are just as important to us as quality production, cost control and superior customer service. That’s why we maintain a company-wide focus on safety. Rather than relying on outside organizations and training facilities, we provide our own, comprehensive in-house and on-site safety training. This training is reinforced on the jobsite everyday.

We know safety is important to our clients. One injury can significantly impact a project’s schedule and budget, not to mention the human cost of injury.

Delivering on our Commitment

ISI’s in-house Director of Health & Safety, Bill Bellm provides the following services:

  • Conducts site visits to identify unsafe practices and conditions and provide practical solutions for minimizing risk
  • Meets with employees at individual inspection areas to review conditions, identify hazards and provide solutions
  • Assists clients in developing a safety culture on their job sites, when requested
  • Communicates and coordinates with clients’ and contractors’ safety professionals
  • Provides on- and off-site safety training to ensure employees have the tools they need to perform their jobs safely
  • Provides basic safety, emergency preparedness and site-specific training

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ISI Supervisors provide the following safety training and procedures:

  • OSHA Construction Safety Orders
  • OSHA General Industry Safety Orders
  • Supervisor Responsibilities
  • Inspection Services Inc. IIPP-Safety Manual
  • New & Existing Employee H&S Training Program
  • Safe Work Practices
  • Hazard Recognition
  • Correction of Unsafe or Unhealthy Conditions
  • Accident Investigation
  • Case Management
  • Safety Audits

In addition, ISI maintains three Fall Protection Competent Persons. These employees have completed a FPCP training course, can provide fall protection training to ISI employees, and are available to assist our employees in the field with specialized fall protection equipment and reviewing hazardous situations that may require hazard mitigation or additional equipment.