In order to continue to attract the best and brightest events to San Francisco’s convention market, the Moscone Expansion District is increasing capacity and contiguous exhibition space as well as increasing the amount of flexible meeting and ballroom spaces at the Moscone Center. The Center will maintain operations throughout this process which necessitates following a strict timeline as the windows for construciton open and close quickly. The project also includes two new, enclosed pedestrian bridges connecting the upper levels of the new Moscone North and Moscone South as well as an upgrade to the existing pedestrain bridge across Howard Street. The 800,000 SF project presents many challenges. The facility will remain operational throughout construction. It involves complex underground construction sequential demolition and heavy civil engineering in a congested urban environment. It is a high profile, iconic project with many engaged stakeholders. ISI was selected for its valuable local experience on several projects with underground construction in occupied spaces that include rigging, steel construction, sequential demolition and heavy civil engineering.

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    2015 – 2017

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    Construction Value

    $500 Million

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    San Francisco Moscone Expansion District

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