Laney College required renovation and new construction of their athletic facilities, including a field house equipped with locker rooms, coaches’ offices, and A/V equipment, as well as a new baseball field and parking lot. These upgrades were intended to attract top athletic talent to the campus and maintain the athletic programs’ success. This design-build project consisted of the demolition and construction of a field house as well as a parking lot. The baseball, track and soccer fields were also re-configured and re-constructed. The project runs along an environmentally sensitive estuary and above safety tunnels for underground rail (BART). Fast-track timelines minimized disruption to students. The parking lot utilizes bioswales and detention systems to recharge ground water, thereby mitigating storm water impact on the campus and the city storm water systems. Part of the project staging required the use of a student parking lot and relocation planning in a dense downtown parking environment. Photovoltaic panels were installed on a standing seam metal roof, which also provides a shade structure for the parking lot. The project has been completed and closed out with DSA, and was recently awarded LEED® Gold Certification.

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    2011 – 2014

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    Construction Value

    $18 Million

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    Peralta Community College District

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