Located between Pier 30-32 and Pier 38, the Brannan Street Wharf is a 57,000 square foot public park over the water and parallel to the Embarcadero Promenade. The project required the demolition of historic Pier 36, which was too deteriorated to restore.
The major project components include a 400-foot length lawn area, a waterside walkway with seating, a shade structure, and a small-craft floating dock for kayaks and recreational water vessels. The design recalls waterfront history by taking on the shape of Pier 36 in its original location, and through interpretive exhibits. The Wharf is mostly flat with the lawn contained in a raised planter of about 18-inches in height and surrounded by a seat wall.
Working under our SFDPW on-call contract, ISI provided special inspection and field materials testing for the project.

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    2012 – 2013

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    Construction Value

    $13.5 Million

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    San Francisco Department of Public Works

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